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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cooling down by Music Fountain in summer

How about a show of music fountain in this summer? It is really a way to cool down the hotness.

Venue: Grand Children Park of Gwangjin, Seoul. 어린이대공원
Free to watch every night.

Morning 11am, 12pm
Afternoon 2, 4, 6pm
Night 7, 8, 9pm

Opening session:
From April to October

Every Tuesday is the cleaning session.

This photo was taken from the official website of Grand Children Park.

Bring your family and children there! Even go in a group of friends and also couple too!

The view is just like the fire crackers show of Everland! :)


tsueyhwa said...

Wow!! Very beautiful fountain!! It will be very great if Malaysia has such a great facility plus it is FREE to watch!!! (If yes, pls tell me where..)

meimeijoyful said...

free one at Malaysia? seldom.

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