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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wabu library

Koreans like to read books!
They translate most of the books of the world - either sell it or put it in their library. They have a good environment to produce good readers!
It is easy to find a nearby library and become a member of the library. We like to read books and we always find out where the library located wherever we live. We had been moving 3 times and we are the members of 3 libraries (2 are inactive).
Even non-Koreans like me can apply to become a member, as long as you hold a Alien registration card, with F2 at least.

Namyangju city area does not have a lot of library as it is not as developed as Seoul. Yet they are kind enough to develop new facilities for the residents - in a fast pace! They just announced their plan in the early of this year and we can use the library since last week! Efficiency is always the good attitude of Koreans!
This is the brand new Wabu library - 와부도서관.
Location: 남양주시 와부읍 덕소리 117-1
Area: 4,010 meter square.
  • direct bus: 1670, 112-3 (get down at Sinhan apartment and walk about 10 min)
  • bus: 112-1, 166, 168, 34, 2000-1, 2000-2, 8 (get down at Sinhan apartment and walk about 10 min) 166-1 (get down at Wabu elementary school and walk about 2 min)
  • subway: Doekso station and walk about 15 min

It is just opposite to GS mart, near to the fire station. A new building which is quite easy to recognize.

In the main entrance they display some photos of the new library. Also there is a automatic book returning machine just at the entrance.

Information counter has an attractive design that everybody likes to come over there. The service is very good too.

B1 floor: rooms, Book cafe, shop, resting rooms
1st floor: Special information room, lobby, office, Book arrangment room
2nd floor: Children's section, family reading room, Culture room
3rd floor: Student reading room, Adult reading room, meeting room, reading counsel room
4th floor: Literature section, culture room
5th floor: Digital section, Seminar rooms, culture room
This library has 49,163 books (I believe it will be more... because when we were there last week, there are still a lot of spaces).
Opening hour:
Adult reading room: 8am - 10pm
Others: 9am - 6pm
Off days:
3rd and 4th Monday of every month
Phone no.: 590)8920-8921
Actually it had a lot of activities on the first day opening of the library, 14th July 2009. It's a waste we didn't attend it. We went there on the second day but it had already been so many people applying for membership.
  • Namyangju city residents
  • Bring your ID, 1 photo, fill up the application form
  • Personal member: 3 books for 15 days
  • Family member: 9 books for 15 days
There is a special painting exhibition at the lobby these days. They're painted by handicapped persons who draw with mouth and foot. They're amazing people!

Since it is still a new place, it is clean and tidy. Shop and book cafe are not opened yet at B1 floor.

I found this special book - for the blind - in the lobby! Such a nice facility for the handicapped people. I really salute to their caring and kindness.

We visited the whole building. We also borrowed books from the library. Water are supplied in every floor. Clean toilets too. The books really make my summer vacation become more meaningful!

I hope you also can find the nearest library to visit it and you may find the books you want to read.

For your information, English books are not many but they still have some. At least there is a English magazine: Newsweek. :)

1 comment:

tsueyhwa said...

This is very good to encourage ppl to read more. I like it!! But i seldom goto library in my place. If my place oso got such a good library like in ur place, i m sure i will visit there more often. Hehe..

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