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Monday, July 6, 2009

wise shopping for shoes

I had a bad experience to buy a shoes at subway station - 10,000 won for 1 pair of shoes. Normally some subway stations at Seoul have shops selling cheap stuff like shoes, clothes, Daiso 1000won shop and etc.

I bought one pair of shoes on 6th June 2009, at wangsimni station, after my visit to Malaysia House.

I bought this pair of open-toe shoes to welcome summer. Thus, I wore it to church on Sunday. Just one afternoon, the shoes became like this:

The shoes of 10,000 won really cannot stand long! Such a bad experience.

Thus, I bought a new pair of shoes in our neighbourhood. I become wiser this time, by considering:
  • price should neither be too cheap nor too expensive
  • the shop provides after sales service
  • the shop is trustable as it is in our neighbourhood for a period of time (Korea has a lot of temporary sales - rent a shop and sell things)
  • the salesperson is kind
  • comfortable to wear
  • trendy and suit for both pants and skirts

Thus, I bought this gladiator sandals for my 2009 summer.

How do you think?

Anyway, it is not advisable to buy cheap shoes in subway area.


tsueyhwa said...

Yea, sometimes cheap doesn't mean good..haiz~

meimeijoyful said...

actually I also don't know how to choose... price or quality, good quality always not cheap

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