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Monday, July 13, 2009

Camping Jul 2009

Yes, we went to camping again last Friday and Saturday, after our last trip.

It was raining season, but the weather was so good on Friday morning. We went back to the same camping place, but...

it was like that when we reached there at 3pm.

Rain on last night made the water from Han River went here. Thus, we had to move another camping place.

We went to Seondol Cliff to have a look.

While we waited to move to another camping place, we had snacks:

뻥튀기popping rice

(rice mask?)

번데기 pupa

We moved to
상호: 우리들캠프장 (Woori-Del Camping place)
주소 : 영월군 수주면 법흥리 181번지 Gangwando YeongWol-gun BoebHeng-ri
전화번호 : 033-374-1746, 011-1746-0700

Since it is a private camping place, we have to pay 30,000 won per tent set up. Yet it is much better than the public one, as it has water supply, clean toilets and shower rooms. The stream here is also clear and clean, being undisturbed by the rain.

It has also has one benefit that we can visit other people's tents. Some are really luxury and camping mania!

A outdoor meeting?

Mobile store room?

Take a nap!
How clear is the water!

Natural ice box

How about lie on the air bag?

There were a lot of people camped here. Everybody enjoyed the fresh air, clear water and the nature so much. The guys played soccer at a nearby soccer field, while we girls played with the water ball. The kids enjoyed the most, water and soccer too!

It was really a great camping I have ever had! I didn't know that camping can be so relax and enjoyable! I learnt how to set up a tent too (ok... an automatic one, we saw other people set up the manual one and I think that's hard!)


tsueyhwa said...

Oh i like d mask..haha..DId u eat d pupa?? I saw tis in one of d korean shop in tanjung aru. But i dun dare to try..

meimeijoyful said...

hehe... everyone likes the mask.
I don't eat pupa but I tried once.

tsueyhwa said...

ohh..how does it taste? U like it?

meimeijoyful said...

I don't like it... so "geli"

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