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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dumulmori in Autumn (Nov 09) - 1

We went to this place in Aug (post is here).
In autumn it has another face of views - a lot of people like to have a walk here - a calm and quiet place (though the bridge is just cross over the river. So I asked my hubby to bring me there again in November. The weather was nice indeed.

However, we could not see any lotus flowers.  It is not  the season.

Walk until the end and you will see this very old tree, strong standing in the land.

Not only couples like to date here, but also it is a place for family, and friends. I love the business of parents taking photo for their children but they are too active.

Anyway, I was satisfied with the good  weather and beautiful scenery.

If only I can have a better camera, I think you can feel more realistic about the place.

This time, we discovered a gallery which we didn't enter before. A painter was having her painting exhibition in the small house near to the river.

Just enter the gallery when you  see the signboard below. 수밀원(Su-mil-won)

Because it is the season of pumpkin,  they arrange some big pumpkins outside the little house.

With some wood too...
Korea doesn't have much big trees.

Inside the gallery,

The paintings are hung all over the house, slowly walk around as it  is really 'small'! However, they are nice!
There are mini cafe inside too.

We met the painter herself - she was busy painting.

Erm... do not forget to look for the beautiful autumn leaves on the floor! It's  very nice!!!

And also do not forget to take a photo with the pumpkin! (I like it)


tsueyhwa said...

I like d second pic of d boat on d river. It gives me d feeling of calm n peaceful. Ur pics r already very good eventhough u dun hav an advanced camera. Pls do take more nice photos for us to see :D

meimeijoyful said...

I will jia you!

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