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Monday, January 4, 2010

Heavy Snow Storm 4th Jan 2010

A new Monday in the year of 2010 started with heavy snow in Seoul!
When we went out at 5.40am it was already snowing...

It became like this at 8.30am! Anyway, it was  my first time to view such a heavy snow! I like the view so much! It was beautiful... but my Korean friends told  me, nice to see, not nice to go out!

So we went home after we were known that the road is not in good situation to drive.

View from our car - hard to drive, hard to walk.

And on the way home, we were stucked at a turning place - and I took this  photo inside the car - even walking is a tough job!
It took us 2 hours plus to arrive Guri from Guui area, Seoul which normally only takes 15 minutes.

Can you see the thickness of the snow on the road - after car passed by, and the snow gathered besides the tree?
From the news, this year the snow was abnormal, and 10 years only once... 10 inches (26 cm)!!!
Gimpo and Incheon International Airport was forced to stop the flight in the morning... and even the subway had the same situation in the morning 7 sth (Line 1 and 2). There are someone who was unconscious in the subway too.

Playing with the snow - kids,
cleaning the snow - shop owners, road keepers, apartment councils... they had to sweep away the snow
and... the kids also helped to clean the parents' car (actually just a reason playing with  the snow).

have you tried something like her?
the snow is so soft!!!

 When we reached home about 4pm, it was terrible!
Erm... we stay at Namyangju area, more snow than Seoul.
We stucked at a little slope when we turned in a little junction. It was because there was a man who walked in the middle of the road and didn't stay aside when we drove through the road. When you drive slow, it will only makes the car stuck in the snow. It was scary for me... the car's tyres couldn't move forward. There was a car parked besides the road too.
Thanks God that there was a good Samaritan - he taught us and helped us to move the car slowly. He and his wife, and I pushed the car while husband slowly drove forward. I'm thankful also because our car is Tico, the smallest car.

And then it was a problem to park the car too. It was because the parking was full of snow. Hubby wiped away the snow. Later, with the help of our neighbour hubby parked the car safely. Phew....

 You will not miss stepping in  the snow, right?
It was a smart choice that I wore my boots out today. :P

The snow doesn't look nice here...

Anyway, for your information, it will not be safe to drive today and tomorrow. Take care for those who stays at Korea!

I said, "It must be lucky if someone travel to Korea at this time!"
Hubby said, "Ya, it is  lucky because he or she cannot go anyway!"

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