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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Car broke down? Tyre puncture?

When your car broke down, or tyre had a puncture, or had a flat tire, what do you do?

In Malaysia, we will only think of fixing ourselves, or call my father or the related workshop to fix it for us.

However, the car insurance service in Korea  is really amazing!
We called the hotline number, givng our basic information according to our insurance by using cell phone.
Then they will track us through  the cell phone,
reach us within 10-15 minutes!

When we called, we already informed them we had tyre punctured.
They came with a big truck with everything available in the truck.
Just within 15-20 minutes, the helpful service man helped us to fix the tyre back!

Wow!!! Fast service - efficiency of Koreans.
How about your place?


tsueyhwa said...

superb!! Here..as u know..eat urself...haha..:p

meimeijoyful said...

yaya, makan sendiri!

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