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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter is long...

Snow arrived since Christmas - a thick one...
then it continued with the new year...

roads were covered by snow, and still the snow are gathered around the poles or corner;
cars were covered by snow, and still some people do not clean the snow on their car;
windows were frozen with ice, and is getting thicket and thicker;
temperature is always below zero, and is always "tomorrow will be colder -15 or more" are heard;
Han river is frozen too, and the park around the river become white.

See this news:
Ways to overcome the severe cold spell
Electricity fee is a big amount in winter.

Do you have yourself protected from this winter?
2 gloves I have,
more than 3 scarfs I have (thick one),
good shoes (not easy to wet) I have,
long underwear I have to keep myself warm,
jackets I have - as thick as  possible,
hats too,
mask too,
a lovely husband who does not want me to go out when the temperature hit -10... if not all my winter will be only sickness,
yes, I still pack myself like a bear...

Just this year, I did not hibernate like a bear. :)
This winter I am better than the last 4 years, I think I have made myself stronger since spring with lots of sports and exercise.

(First 3 photos were taken by hp and the last by Samsung camera)


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