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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

mini snails

All the characters in the previous mini story are mini snails collection from a children soda drink.

These are the latest versions, but I still remember there was another designs.
I saw these cute snail characters in my students' house so I took photos.

He is the most basic - brown snail.

He is the Elvis Presley hairsyle and black snail.

He is the one who wears  spectacles.

They are the moustacje ajussi!

Here come the sexy smoky eye lady.

And the last the pink lady with hat.

All total 7 of them!

Also show you my handphone with case - with my own wallpaper.

Actually I just wanted to share with you the amazing drawing of my student - Da En who is only 7 years old drew such beautiful airplanes - after  just viewed the airplanes from the TV for once!

Another one is in the previous blog.


tsueyhwa said...

Cute mini snails...Da En is very talented. Can draw such a nice drawing!! Kids r very creative!!!

meimeijoyful said...

I'm waiting for you Jun Jun's drawing oh!

tsueyhwa said...

Haha...i m waiting for tat too.. XD

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