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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

mini photo story

Introducing you to two good friends who have known each other for a long time. They like to explore new things in their life. They like to search for those things people throw away and they recycle and reform them for their daily use.

One day, they want to go travel outside of their village (erm... they need a long time to go to a new village though).

Thus, they know their limitations and they just walk as much as they can. They do not overlook their goals but they do their best.

And Peter found someone special here - the cartoon character his sister likes the most - Helly Kitty! He wanted to take it home with him as a gift for his sister. 

And he  walked and walked, he found a thing that can make his dream come true! A pilot and her aeroplane!!! He knows she can bring them to go out of the village they stay and explore another world!

Then he found out that there were some new friends there too. Everybody seemed to have the same excitement as he was!

Wow!!! Beautiful and sexy ladies are there too!

James got shocked  by the beauty of the pink  lady and he forgot about Peter for a second (erm... may be a minute).

Thus, he asked the pink lady for a date.
(Peter: " ㅠㅠ Where is he going?")

.....  The End.

Did Peter and James accomplish their travel plan?
Did James manage to have a new girlfriend?

You may tell me which ending you like.

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