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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bibimbap - must try Korean food

When my friend and her husband visited Korea last month, she asked me what food that she must take. I say, Bibimbap - Korean mix rice! You just can't reject this food after you try it, believe me!
This is also the  food mostly that can be seen in  the Korean drama or movie.

We went to this restaurant before we shopped at Namdaemun market. It is just next to the subway station.

Shinsaegae Department Store (main branch - myeongdong)
10th floor
Restaurant: 산민들레 San-mindelle

Jeonju style traditional rice topped with wild vegetables and meat 전주전통비빔밥
9,000 won

Rice topped with vegetables, cheese and grilled beef, served with hot stove pot 치즈불고기돌솥비빔밥
9,500 won

There are other menus like the
rice served with hot stove pot like above, without cheese; 8,500 won
rice topped with octopus; 9,500 won
with kimchi and fish roe; 9.500 won
and etc.

Having Korean food is an enjoyable thing. It is because they don't only serve the food you order, but they serve you with other side dishes which will also make you so full!

2 kinds of soups: spring sprout soup and seaweed soup. Both is too cool down the heat of our body.

no miss kimchi

a kind of raw seafood, and peanut

You see, whole table is full of food! - Not only  the side dishes I had taken photos one by one, but also the 전 fried vegetables, bulgogi - korean style fried meat, and a bowl of jelly soup 무.

As a whole, this restaurant serves nice food.
If you want to have bibimbap, you can try it at anywhere. Just the matter is - even you can eat at the restaurant serves kimbap and normal Korean dishes. They are not as  professional as the restaurants which serve only bibimbap. If you really  want to try the delicious bibimbap, go for the restaurant which only serves bibimbap. It is served in more traditional way.


tsueyhwa said...

Wow, there even hav restaurant specialized in bibimbap. They r really 'pro'. Cool!!

meimeijoyful said...

The restaurants here are different from Malaysi in that: all only sell one type of food specifically.

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