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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cosmos flowers

Cosmos flowers are the symbol of autumn in Korea. You sure should not miss this  flowers!
We went to Guri Han River Park on last Saturday, thanks God the flowers still bloom out so beatifully, and there were a lot of photographers around. I hope I can have the same camera like theirs. I know the limitation of my camera but still I am satisfied that I can enjoy the beautiful scenery there, with my beloved hubby and friends.

cosmos flowers
This is the photo I like the most. See the pink and white flowers?

Or may be this one?
This year we can't go inside the flowers to take photos.

Anyway, the lines just can't stop the flowers coming  out to let us take closer photos for them. They're shining as usual! Every year they are new to me!

Don't forget to take photos with your friends!

Yet, not only the cosmos flowers bloom out after hot summer. Other flowers also welcome this autumn together!
These orange flowers

Sunflowers too!

Animals also join the singing and dancing of the autumn cooling weather!

lizard too!

korean kids
Even the kids come out from the 4-wall kindergarten studying rooms to the park to get sun shine and enjoy the autumn - sadly with mask this year. Be healthy, kids! (Yet after this trip, I have running nose!)


tsueyhwa said...

I like d close up of flowers u took, both cosmos n sunflowers. Korean lizard is different from ours...They hav brighter colour n longer tail..haha

meimeijoyful said...

yaya... lizard here looks special oh

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