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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Caring Koreans

I didn't go to the Children Grand Park recently. It has been renovated for a better place to the visitors and people who do exercise there. Since it is autumn now, I went to the park again on Tuesday! I always wanted to go there but the time constraint - rushed to school or part time teaching. I hope I will go there more often, especially I will go there to take autumn leaves photos again!

This time I found out something that shows Koreans are caring people.

First, see what they sell here: walking puppies and ducklings. Lots of kids in the metropolitan city cannot have pets at home. Even they have to come  to the park to see animals like puppies, cats and others. Thus, they make this so that the kids can have "pets" to accompany them in the park!
It is not a bad  idea, right? I think the kids will like it because they can walk with wheels (though not with their foot).

Another thing is they replaced the parking lots just nearby the Guui entrance with pink and ladies' signs: parking for ladies. Not only they provide the parkings for the handicapped drivers, but also for the ladies drivers. It seems like a good sign for the ladies, and also it signifies that the Korean ladies' drivers still have "not-sense" enough to drive safely. :O
It is good for ladies because most  of the time they bring the kids out but not the fathers. They can get in and out of the car more conveniently as the parkings are nearer to the entrance of the park.

What things make you think of the caring Koreans?


tsueyhwa said...

Yea, it is quite sad for the ppl lives in big city but they havn't seen real animals. When 1 of my frens told me, for d 1st time, many ppl lives in d city she is working at never seen animals like chicken, duck, cow, or goat unless they goto d zoo. I was so shocked n i was thinking "R u kidding me?" Becoz in my impression, zoo is for those big n rare animals like tiger, lion, orang utan, etc n not for poultry. But now i believe tat is true.

meimeijoyful said...

ya... they have no chance to see coz the residential area is not allowed to have farm.
they can see the one frozen in the mart.

tsueyhwa said...

Haha...frozen one..But without leather..

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