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Friday, October 16, 2009

ChuSeok - Mid autumn festival

3rd Oct this year - also is the 15th of 8th month of lunar year - is 추석 chu seok, an important festival for Koreans, and Chinese too. Korea has 3 days holidays for this festival every year, similar to 설날 New Year.

Since this year it fell on Saturday, in order to escape from the traffic jam on the highways, we did not go back to my husband's hometown - Pohang to celebrate the festival with my parents-in-law. We feel sorry that we could not go home to visit them and spend time with them. Yet, my mother-in-law did not forget us and sent a lot of food to us.

We went to Traditional Folk Museum and Gwanghwamun Plaza on the day of ChuSeok this year. I will blog it later. On Sunday, we celebrated together with our church family. For those  who celebrated at home, they brought food from home and shared together.

I was so excited to see the festival food though I don't really like fried food.

The food had already been fried the day before - 전 fried.

The Koreans had fried pancake , fried mushroom, fried minced pork meat, fried fish, fried octopus, fried crab meat with ham, and etc. All things are fried!

So how to reheat the food? Do not add any oil in the fry pan again. Just put it on the fry pan and reheat it! Otherwise it will be fried in double oil.

Another food should be eaten in this  festival is 송편 SongPyeon, a kind of rice cake. I didn't take any photos for that, but I took this - a kind of snacks made from rice. My mother-in-law can make this herself.

Food is important in the festival. Chinese eats moon cake, and I miss the mooncake this year.

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