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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baseball game

View from Jamsil Baseball Sports Complex to Sports Complex

Korea is famous of its baseball team, especially in the Olympic Games 2008. They won the gold medal. However, they were crazy for the sports, even before that. In Malaysia, we do not play this sports, thus actually I don't have much idea how to play the sports.

We have a friend who works at LG company and his company provided some free tickets when LG play in the tournament. On 25th May, we got the chance to watch the game LG vs KIA. It's very lucky for us that LG won that game. The result was 5:4. But actually LG lose in the early stage, but because of homerun, and later they worked hard and they won the game.

Oh ya! I finally got the chance to see Home Run! But the ball didn't come to our side.

My ticket!
I don't know about the guy in the ticket but my friend told me he is a good player (though that night he was not the star).

The game started 6.30pm and the sun still brightly shining. I like summer.
There were already thousand over people there in the sports complex. We missed the chance to see the celebrity who started the game with either throwing or hitting a ball. We were looking for the ticket booth because we got free tickets and so we were late to enter the stadium. :(

This picture just to show you that... we sit far away from the field.
The players are so tiny, right? See from TV is clearer.

Another one is, the seats opposite of us is KIA supporters.
Our side is LG supporters.
When any of the team hit the ball, the cheerleader led the supporters to sing, to shout and the cheerleading team danced. Wow! I like the Korean supporters!
But... since I'm pregnant, I felt so exhausted easily and left earlier.

This photo was taken at 7:52pm
Round 6 (if I'm not mistaken)
It's getting dark but ... the cheering sound didn't stop.

They used these balloons to make sound.

Let's see some videos, not very clear, but hope you can enjoy the live performance as we were.
There were also free stuff to give away in the middle of the show, like kissing couple, lucky number, etc. The big screen showed the audience in the supporter zone randomly then they can get free gifts. It is such a good marketing way.


Anonymous said...

Two heads are better than one.......................................................

Anonymous said...

you two make a lovely couple............................................................

tsueyhwa said...

Pls dun be so excited since u r pregnant..hehe :)

meimeijoyful said...

ok!! ")

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