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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living in Korea (for ladies who got married with Korean men) - 1

After these few months I joined program in the multicultural family support center of Gwangjin-gu (the area where I live), I found the information they provide is very useful for us, the immigrant ladies. Also, I hope this information will help those who are coming over here to stay.

The case of the Vietnamese girl, (naver search 베트남신부살해사건 to get more information) who was only 20 years old, was killed by the husband who is almost double of her age, in only less than 10 days she entered the country. The husband is diagnosed with mental problem. What a sad news... so the awareness of the government and the married ladies are both important. This type of case is not the first time, so we ladies should know our rights and get the useful living tips to live happily in this foreign country.

This booklet was given by the multicultural family support center. It is provided in different languages, while I got the English version. My Vietnamese friends got the Vietnamese version, Chinese got Chinese version and others.

Publisher: Korean Government
Planning: The Cenral Office for Multicultural Family Support Centers
This book was publised under the sponsorship of Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs 보건복지가족부,  Ministry of Public Administration and Security 행정안전부 and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism문화체육관광부.
However, the contents of thi book are also available through the multicultural famil support portal site (http://www.liveinkorea.go.kr/)

  1. Introduction to the Republic of Korea
  2. Foreign Resident Support Services
  3. Residence and Naturalization
  4. Korean Culture and Life
  5. Pregnancy and Childcare
  6. Education of Children
  7. Health and Healthcare
  8. Social Security System
  9. Employment and Labor
  10. Enjoy Korea!
  11. Reference
Get one copy for yourself is not a bad idea - as you can get a lot of information to ask in daily life (with useful website references and telephone numbers provided)

This mini booklet was also given by the center for married couples (printed by Seoul Family Support Center http://family.seoul.go.kr/ ). It was printed in Dec 2009, so there are lots of latest useful information (we're expecting our first baby in this coming Nov), especially there is the support from the government from pregnancy to the children education, health and others.
There is also a table listed out the congratulation-rewards for those who give birth of babies - from 1 baby to more than 5 babies. (Seoul governmnt encourages the residents to have babies)

More to come...

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