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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Tips - 2

In the program I joined in the multicultural family support center of Gwangjin-gu since April, for the immigrant ladies, I only knew that there are a lot of us living in this area - from Philippines, Vietname, China and Japan. The program offered us:
  • orientation
  • know about yourself
  • learn Korean songs & visit the karaoke
  • learn to cook Korean food
  • learn about rights and laws to live in Korea
In this August we are having summer vacation as the weather is too hot.

There are some telephone numbers that they ask us to jot down:

For the Foreigners who got married at Korea - the organizations who help in the law assistance: (free charge)
  • 대한법률구조공단 132
  • 한국가정법률상담소 02-780-568, 780-5689 http://www.lawhome.or.kr/
  • 대한변호사협회 02-3476-6515
  • 서울지방변호사회 02-3476-6000
  • Emergency Support Center for Immigrant Women 1577-1366
  • 한국이주여성인권센터 02-3672-7559
Korean Immigration Service 1345 -
Counseling service in 18 different languages
1345 + numbers-for-language + *
(Korean 1, Chinese 2, English 3, Vietnamese 4, Thai 5, Japanese 6, Mongol 7, Indonesian 8, French 9, 뱅골어 10, Pakistan 11, Russian 12, Nepal 13, Combodian 14, Myanmar 15, German 16, Spain 17, Philippine 18)

On 20th Jul,the Counseling Team leader, 권미경, of Emergency Support Center for Immigrant Women gave a talk for us. She encouraged us to know about our human rights and especally the rights for women.

On 27th Jul, a lawyer gave a talk on the law on the divorce and the ways to search help in emergency situations. She reminded us:
  • if the husband disappeared for more than 3 years, the wife can apply for divorce.
  • if the husband passed away suddenly (in tragedy), the division of property - (Case without children) Parents (1) and wife (1.5) share and (case with children) children (1) and wife (1.5)  share. --- she mentioned about this because a lot of married ladies do not know about this right
  • In the court case of divorse, there was once a case that the husband wanted a divorce and the wife did not want to, but the husband hire a translator who sided the husband. Though the answer of the wife was no - when she was questioned of whether wanted a divorce - the translator said yes. Thus, the wife should find a trustable translator if she doesn't know about the Korean language well.

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