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Monday, March 22, 2010

Food from Taiwan

One of our small group members went to Taiwan during the Lunar New Year holiday. It was not a good trip because  it rained for the whole trip. She could not take good photos and visit all the places  she planned to. However, she brought back gift for  us - pineapple pie from  Taiwan.

Yes, I think I am the only person feel so excited to see this.

Since it is a packaging one, sure not as chewy as it is sold at the bakery itself. Yet the pineapple sauce is tasty, hard to find in Korea.
A lot of my friends visit Taiwan since last year, most of them went for the food there. If  I have the chance to go there, I think I want to visit the countryside places - which are shown in  the Taiwan MTV mostly. They are so beautiful and calm. :)

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