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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Korean Language class at Gwangjin area

I just moved to Gwangjin area and I found out that Gwangjang Social Welfare Center offers free Korean language class for immigrant women. So I called up and they informed me that there will be class starts in Mac/April.

I went to the orientation on last Friday, and there were only 4 ladies attended there. Anyway, from the photos in the center catalog, I think there are some other members who already studied here before. We may meet in the class opening ceremony on 31st March.
They also introduced us about the functions of the welfare center and the multicultural family support center.

The class is offered:
in 1-1 style 1 teacher and 1 student,
the time you choose to suit your own time,
also you can ask any questions in other resources you are using in the moment.

If you live in this area, please call them up and join  the class.
website of 광장종합사회복지관 Gwangjang Social welfare center
tel: 02-2201-1333

There is another department in the same building also offers free Korean languge class, but only in beginner stage. 광진구 다문화가족지원센터 Gwangjin-gu Multicultural Family Support center.
Tel: 02-458-0665
They also offer other helps like counseling and programs for multi-cultural family.

In this March, there are 2 programs offered:
  • To know about the happy marriage life
경혼과 가족의 이해 '행복한 결혼생황 알아가기
20 people
30th March
1 - 4 pm
광장종합사회지관 2층 강당 Gwangjang welfare center 2nf floor, seminar room
register before 26th March 6pm
tel: 02-458-0666
Computer class
  • Computer class
10 seats
only for immigrants of Gwangjin residents
computer room of Gwangjin office 광진구청 컴푸터실
period: 23th March - 13th May (Tues, Thurs 10-12am)
register before 19th March 6pm
tel: 02-458-0666

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