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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long time no see... long time no eat

I haven't updated my blog lately, busy of house moving after I returned back from Malaysia, and finally almost settled everything, and now I have the time to blog again. There is also another reason that we have only 1 notebook that 2 of us share, and hubby is going to buy me a new laptop soon... yet, must save hard after buying that.

Anyway, the topic today is that: we ordered chicken today... long time no eat, though we're learning to be vegetarian lately.

I checked online that which fried chicken branches at our new area, Guui-3-dong, and the list is long in Naver search website. The rates given by the customers  was my consideration since it was hard to choose. And I found this new brand - Home Chicken - baked chicken shop.

The difference from other shop is:
the chicken is not fried,
pickles and radish provided do not add in chemical ingredients.

The price is also reasonable too.
We ordered sweet lemon chicken this time - 15,800 won for 1 bucket.
It came with lemon sauce and black spicy sauce.
Also, it came with a mini box of vegetables! Special! I love it!
not the normal salad with dressing, it's just nice - raw vege!

We had this with rice and it made us so full!
It is different from the chicken style of lemon chicken.

This shop promotes home chicken campaign. The price range is as follows:
Baked wings:
Black spicy wings, Hawaiian Teriyaki Wings, Original Garlic Wings, Sweet Lemon Wings, Barbecue 17 Wings, Chinese Chili Baked Wings.
   1/2 basket: 8,200 won
   1 basket: 16,400 won
Plain Baked Wings
   1/2 basket: 7,900 won
   1 basket: 15,800 won

Baked Chicken  (original garlic chicken, spicy garlic chicken, plain chicken)
  15,800 won

new menu:
herb garden chicken 15,000 won per basket
wings & chops 15,800 won per basket

side menu:
baked chops, spicy chops 7,800 won
meat sauce potatoes 5,200 won
baked wedge potato 3,200 won
baked tortila 1000 won
french biscuit 1,900 won
mexican side 1000 won
soft drinks 1000 won

Coupons are given too for the next order.

Website is here.
Tel: 1588-5111


tsueyhwa said...

Yummy!! D roasted chicken make me hungry la.. Gotta try roast 1 at home one time.

meimeijoyful said...

ya, try it one time! better than fried.

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