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Monday, March 22, 2010

kuksuri kuksu (noodle)

This noodle restaurant is near to our school and in school time, we went to the shop quite often. The shop is soy bean paste and it's very tasty.

It makes us warm too when the weather is cold. It is pan-mee type: either made by hand (piece by piece) or by machine (long noodle type).

Another tasty food  in  the shop is the dumpling - 만두.

a little bit spicy with kim chi inside but very tasty when it's hot.

Compared to the restaurants next to it, the price do not increase for the last 3 years. It is still 5000 won. Price is reasonable and a lot of travellers visit this  place. It is located besides the road of Yangpyeong. People go to Gangwon-do and go back to Seoul, mostly will pass by Yangpyeong, and this shop is just besides the road.

국수리 국수집
Tel: 772-2433
everything here is 5000won.
kimchi is self-service and very tasty too.

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