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Monday, March 22, 2010

Homemade noodle

After my hubby read about the book about the disadvantage of eating snack and instant food, he decided to stop eating ramen. For me, I don't like instant noodle at all since my father always brain-wash me. Only during camping time or group eating time, then we will eat together.

So in order to  keep the loving of noodle, the only choice is to make noodle soup myself. It's very easy.
From the photo above, the meat ball is brought from Malaysia one! (My father bought  me one big pack and hand made by his friend).

With scallop brought from Malaysia too (My mother brought from China and also Kar Lai from HK brought me some whenever she  visits me)  - just put a few into boiling water.

If not, when we cook chicken soup, with some left, we will use it to cook the noodle too.

Put in any vegetable ingredients available, mostly I have onion and carrot, and mostly I will add in  the green vegetable to make it look more attractive. It is  more nutritious too when the green vegetable is  cooked in the soup.

Korean style then sometimes my hubby will just add in the kimchi. :)

Why not you also try some homemade noodle instead of instant noodle?
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