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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The food I had in early March

With the photos in the camera, only I realized that I had some fantastic food in this early mid March. I would like to share with you and hope you can try it too.

We got this set of rice cookies from a missionary, whom she herself can't eat food made with flour. It is like the "mooncake" of Chinese style, but this is made in Korea style.

All 12 round cookies are in different flavor (we haven't finished eating it, but until now the fillings inside the cookies we ate were all different.

Roll cake - the one we like it so much - soft and the cream is made with a different flavor from other bakery.

This was bought by one of our church family while we had the lunch gathering at our house this Sunday. The bakery is 가또마들렌 Gateau Madeleine.

The bakery which I like to visit, Aroo Bakery, didn't make any bread recently but only cakes. I'm not sure what happened but I think may be I should pay a visit and ask them about it.

Ok... this is the white day chocolate bought by hubby.
Happy it is a dark chocolate, but ... it is high calory oh! :P

It is packed individually.

It is made in Korea. erm... not really as good as cadbury anyway. :)

And last but not the least, the food I had for my lunch! All made by me...
tofu - boiled in water, instead of fried.
sauce of tofu (home-made)
raw green vege - 돈나무 Japanese Pittosporum 
samjjang sauce made by pastor's wife
soybean paste stew (tofu, radish)
sliced radish kimchi  (home-made)
and rice...

a totally full lunch.

What do you have  in this March - though it should be spring, it snowed and the weather is still cold. Hachoo! I just kept myself in water and vitamin C most of the  time. Take care of your body well too!

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