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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bakery Aroo

We get to know about this bakery when it has a cafe on the first floor of the building same as our church. It is actually one of the bakery which sells delicious cakes and cookies at the Departmental Stores of Korea (I saw one at the Lotte Departmental Store, Jamsil branch).

Every morning the smell of baking is so strong and always makes us hungry when we walk in the building. The cafe here sells breads mainly and cakes too.

Order cake from the counter.
From 7pm - 8pm the bread has 20% discount price.
Both dining and take-out drinks are available too.

The cheapest bread is this - garlic bread stick 1000won for 4!

I also like to eat their pumpkin cheese bread. Recently I found out this bread (photo above) is also good! The bread is so soft!

Their well-being bread. They keep producing well-being bread, and one of them is made with the ingredient mainly for diabetes patients.

I saw this cookie but we never try it before as the price is unaffordable for us. But I think it is also yummy!

Their cakes are marvelous! Special and yummy, especially their cheese cake. (Japanese-style cake)

This Aroo Bakery is at Seoul Gwangjin-gu, Guui-dong, 254-86.
서울특별시 광진구 구의1동 254-86 아루빌딩 1층
(Beside Gwangji-gu police station)

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