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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ox Bone Soup 설렁탕

Korean beef  soup is yummy! It is  not oily, not too many meat inside the soup and the taste is just enough to feed our stomach for a full meal!

There are mainly 2 kinds of beef soup, one is with bone 갈비탕 galbi-tang and another is without bone 설렁탕 seol-leong-tang. Since Korean beef is expensive, most of the time Korean restaurants serves Australian beef. 

The bowl consists of soup with meat, lots of sliced onion spring is a stainless steel big bowl.
A bowl of rice is served too.

We went to the Guui branch of Sinseon Seolnongtang 신선설농탕 beef soup restaurant. Here serves very nice beef soup, high efficiency and very good service too. The servants will help you to cut the kimchi and serve on the table. The spoons and chopsticks are put in a special made box attached to the table. Kimchi are also served with 3 types: cabbage (old and new) and radish.

The above paper on  the table is prepared by the  restaurant. It is to put your spoon and chopsticks.
The way of having the beef soup is also written there:
  1. The new made kimchi can be eaten with the soup or mix with the soup - both tastes have their own special taste.
  2. You may ask for the water of the radish kimchi to put in your soup. The taste is different again.
Newly made kimchi has high fibroid material and lactic acid  bacteria which is good for our health.

Do you see the meat? They are thin slices and easy to chew.

If you think ginseng chicken is too full to eat, get this one. This one is also very full indeed but will not too much because you will sure eat a lot of kimchi with this  one.

The Guui branch is at Subway line 2 Guui station, Exit 1, walk about 500m. You will see it which is in  the middle of Gwangjin city hall and Police station. The car park is available.
Tel: 02-454-7944.


tsueyhwa said...

Mei Mei, ur pics of delicious food alwaz make me hungry lah!! >.<

meimeijoyful said...

erm... I think all food photos make us hungry. Anyway, did you have this one in CityMall at kk?

tsueyhwa said...

D one i had is served in korean clay pot (i guess it is made from clay). D soup is exactly d same as in ur pic. Very milky colour n delicious. But i can't remember there is spring onoins or not..

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