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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Freezing Winter

This is the first week of our winter holiday, we finished final examination!!!

Yesterday and this morning, the temperature was -9 degree, and tomorrow morning will be -13!

Our water pipe actually was frozen 3 weeks before.... and it cost us 30,000 won to call the pipeman to fix it back. It  also made us live for 3 days without water - no cooking, no water flushing, no water to wash face and hands.... yucky! So... (not we don't save water) but... we have to let the water pipe flow out of water all the time... so that it will not freeze again.

Running nose... coz of the weather change too fast. I keep myself drinking water and eat lots  of fruits and vegetables to absorb vitamin c as much as possible. Just try not to consult doctor and keep out of public. No flu please...

How do you have prevention on winter?

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