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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pram / carriage for the eldest

I saw this at one of the branch of Emart, a big and convenience mart of Korea. I was so curious and took the photos using my cell phone.

If you live in  Korea and you walk more often than you sit in the car, I'm sure you have seen this before.

The answer is in this photo (source):

Yes,  the eldest - grandma mostly use the carriage or pram 노인유모차 to help  them to walk. It is not only support them, but also help them to put their stuff in the carriage. Most of the time, they reuse their grandchild's pram - it is the most recycle way! (*_*) smart hal-mo-ni!

Instead of using a stick, the pram is very useful to help them to move around. I like their idea!
(The new pram is not cheap instead, about 100,000 won!)


tsueyhwa said...

Very good idea!! Interesting!! Only can see tis in big city...

meimeijoyful said...

erm... not all eldest can walk in and out so freely, only those who do not stay in the elderly folk or hospital.
I think it is a good sign of they are still healthy.

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