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Thursday, December 3, 2009

How well do you use your cell phone to take photos?

With my Samsung Anycall cell phone - Soul series, I got the chance to get good photos with this phone camera. The reason we got this phone is because the camera - 5 Megapixels.

At first, I thought it has the limited  functions like other cell phone camera, but after I read the manual clearly, I practised it again and again. Until recently I got more and more beaufitul photos. I just want to encourage you to play around with your cell phone camera, even though it is not as  good as a digital camear. However, it is very convenient and when we do not bring our camera along, the cell phone is our best tool.

3 recent photos I took with my cell phone:

I didn't notice it could be so clear.
A gloomy afternoon of autumn.

autumn 2009
I hold the leaves with my hand while I sat in the car. My black jeans was the best background.
Edited to make it sharp and clear with the photo studio function of the cell phone camera. :)
It was my favourite wallpaper of my cell phone since then.

me again
Self-shooting. (edited the color for autumn feeling)

How about black and white?

Although I do not have smart phone (IPhone) and Haptic (touch phone), I still want to use well my cell phone to take good photos. I just want to say that - everything becomes so beautiful if you really wants  it to be. Just try and be content.

Actually I change my attitude of camera-choosy to a photo-any-camera person after I saw an article on  the National Geographic. There is a photographer who is asked to use a Nokia cell phone to take photos to make a special photo series. He said that it functions well and nothing is impossible. Thus, I change my mind and I started to shoot photos with my heart and passion.

What camera do you use? Share with me.


tsueyhwa said...

U r really talented in photo taking eventhough it is juz a cell phone camera. I think i m not good in tis area, tat's y i alwaz cannot get a good photo. :p Mei mei, pls do take more nice photos huh...

meimeijoyful said...

ok, I will take more photos! :)
u hv a cute boy to practise, u also can take good photos - the best moment with ur family!

tsueyhwa said...

Haha, practise makes perfect!! I will practise more if i got more free time..:p

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