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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

순대국 Soon-Dae-guk

순대 a sausage made of bean curd and green-bean sprouts stuffed in pig intestine (from naver dictionary)

This is the food that I was rejected to eat for the past 4 years I have been living at Korea - I felt uneasy with the smell when I tried for the first time. However, I started to like it after I ate it with 떡볶이 spicy fried rice cake once. So I asked my husband to bring me to the restaurant to eat the soup with soon-dae.

We passed by this restaurant which is near  to our house. However, I saw the same signboard at other areas too. I think they have a lot of branches throughout the country.

Inside the restaurant always have traditional Korean stuff exhibited.

Calligraphy writings

Korean traditional stuff

Ok... now let's see the side dishes prepared on the table before the soup was served.

2 types of kimchi: cabbage and radish kimchi are served. You  have to cut it to smaller pieces which a pair of scissors are given.  The fresh green pepper and spring onion are important ingredients to add in  the soup. (Smell the pepper before you put it in your soup - assometimes  it is very spicy that even you put little, it already makes your hot!)

Sauces  and onion.

The soup contains soon-dae (one is with noodle and another one is with meat), and meats. Put in the rice and mix it well. You also can choose not to put the rice into the soup if you like solid rice.

This restaurant serves very good soon-dae-guk. Thumbs up!

How do I know? Because we went to another restaurant the week after the trip above, and it was not so good. Howevr, I found this useful information in this restaurant which located at Guk-su-ri, YangPyeong area.

How to eat soon-dae-guk?
1. Put in the spring onion and sliced chilli pepp.
2. Put in the sesame poweder and sauce.
3. Put in the mini shrimp - amount with your own liked taste.
4. Lastly, add in little salt.

Koreans do not have soup like we Chinese who already add in all ingredients in the soup. They prepare the raw vegetables and the sauces so that you can make it your own taste of soup. Amazingly cool!

Found the website online:
Yong-in-soon-dae at Namyangju, Doekso branch
남양주시 와부읍 월문리
Tel: 031-576-5588

Please have a try if you really want to know what Korean likes. :)


tsueyhwa said...

Is d sausage taste like d chinese sausage in dark red colour (润肠)? WOnder how Soon-Dae-guk taste like. I ever ate in a Korean restaurant in CityMall. I ordered a Beef Bone soup. When i took a first taste, my eyes were "blink" \*0*/. It's super delicious!!! I still can't forget d taste until now..I only concentrated in d soup n finished it wif steam rice only. I was so full n my stomach even didnt hav space for other foods..Haha!!

meimeijoyful said...

I feel the taste is little bit different.
Beef bone soup in citymall? Erm... must try it when I go back (share with some1 for sure).
ya... the Koreans' soup with rice is really full for one meal. So full!!!

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