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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumn red-yellow-brown-golden moment

Last Monday we went to the Grand Children Park to have a walk as I knew that the leaves started to change colors. These two days the temperature suddenly dropped down so fast - below zero - that stopped me to visit the park . :(
Anyway, I snapped some photos for my 2009 autumn collections. I will join a photographing session on next Saturday with a Korean photographing club in order to learn some basic photographig skill from them.

The beautiful yellow+green+brown  tall grand trees welcomed me from the Guui entrance to the park.


Walking on the jogging route - slightly change color of the trees.


We found here beautiful and we took a group photo together.

a  lot of small roads link here and there


Red leaf on the floor is always my target.

I still remember this view - last year I was  here and there was a graduation photo session of a kindergarten.

Which one do you like? Portrait or landscape?

Yellow ginkyo trees - the first to shine in the autumn

It's hard to take photo for this tree as they are to bright- but it turns out good and it looks like a postcard for me!
 Erm... this red is not shining, yet it tells me that... they are coming soon!


Have you seen the beautiful autumn scenery this year? Go out and have a  look. Despite the swine flu, wear a mask and make sure you drink lots  of water and intake vitamin c, and the most, do exercise or have sports, to make your body healthy. The long and cold winter is coming  - I think the  best precaution is have exercise regularly. Take care! Hope you enjoy the photos!


tsueyhwa said...

I prefer d landscape at first but after look more longer at both pics, i love them both! Both give me different feeling.

meimeijoyful said...

me too... I prefer the landscape at first, but later I found out both have different story behind.

tsueyhwa said...

Tat's becoz u hav very good skill in photographing!!

meimeijoyful said...

still have a lot to improve, a lot to explore

Jonette said...

Hi i googled saw ur blog very very nice pictures good and i wondering if you could help me as i'm flying to korea in Oct and wonder if it is cold and how to get around in seoul. ;P

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