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Friday, November 6, 2009

Korean Movie: 킹콩을들다 Lifting King Kong 2009

Jul 1st, 2009

or known as
Director: Lee Jong-yong
Actor: Lee Beon-soo, Jo Ahn

This is also another sports movie, one of the best movie in 2009.
This is also based  on a real story.
This story touches heart so much as the ending is out of expected.
If you are a teacher who loves your students so much, watch this movie.
If you are a student in a team work, watch this movie.
If you  are a trainer or a leader, watch this movie.
It is worth to get the ideas from this movie how the team work moves the hearts  of the people rather than the success of a bronze.


"Not everyone gets the gold medal.
If you don't give up and do your best, at the end that alone deserves a gold medal.
I believe in all of you."
The words were in the mind of a female national weightlifting athlete in the Olympics game.
Story was like this:

Lee-Ji-Bong, a bronze medalist of 1998 Olympic Weightlifting athelete, hurt his hand and quitted the sports after the game. He didn't want to involve in sports again but he was invited to teach in a girl high school, under the sports department.

To join this new sports, the interested parents were invited to have a preview. He informed them the danger of the sports and scared them away. Yet there were still a few girls regardless of that joined him and wanted to be trained. One of the girl comes from a poor family. Her grandmother just passed away and she lost her home. She joined the weightlifing group so that she can have a place to stay in. Then the teacher starts to accept them and teach them.

However, he didn't want them to involve in the game because he knows that - only one person- the gold medalist - will be recognized among the all. If not, all their hard work will be considered nothing. He gave them normal exercise and training while he did fishing.

They asked him, "Why don't you teach us?"
He answered, "If you don't get the first, you won't even be acknowledged."
He didn't take much interest to teach them any skill.

The teacher even wanted to burn out the bronze medal he won, but one of the girl got it back and set as her secret tool. She is the one who went to the Olympic Games later.

Without any proper training and skill, they went  for the first inter-school competition, and all the girls felt disappointed. They felt shamed and lost their confidence. The teacher of another girl high school even teased them.

Thus, Lee made up his mind and trained up the young ladies - gave them hard training - a serious training with records and good planning. He even asked them to study hard though most of the time they have to do exercise.

Finally, the day of competition has come and they won in  the inter-school competition.

They were recognized. They were encouraged by the school and even promised to build a temporary dormitory for the team.

However, good things not always happen in one row. The teacher was asked to send his students (5 of them in total) to another girl school and be trained. They had a hard time and wanted to go back to Lee. He was not allowed to and even his authority was taken away.

For their future, Lee sacrificed himself and sent them away. While he decided to send out the letters he wrote to the students, he had a heart attack on the road and he passed away. The students were so sad and they used their strength to send the teacher's body to the graveyard.

The girl, who continued the sports, went to the Oympics game and achived the success that her teacher and her companions could not do.

The movie actorsThe real people of the story

May be because I'm a girl, I cried when I watched this movie. Truly girls are emotional. The storyline is well written and the spirit of the game is shown in the movie. The effort of the teacher and his students should be the model of the school today. There is always fruitful if a good teacher is willing to lead and teach his or her students, no matter what the result is. Students need proper teaching, most of all, need pure and true heart of model.

Any thumbs up for the girls - they're willing to make themselves be tough and strong - from their original slim bodies.
Enjoy the movie.

 from Arirang
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