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Monday, November 2, 2009

Camping gadgets

We added a lot of new gadgets for the last camping as we're more familiar with it and we knew more about what we need.

First, the table and chair set is the most  important.


Table set has a lot of designs, some come of 4 mini chairs (steel made) and the new one  we bought does not include chairs. Anyway, they are foldable and easy and light to carry anyway.
The chairs have 2 designs - either with hand holder or not, the one without can save more  spaces. They like to have feast. While the parents stand up to have their meals and have more fun.
Anyway, the table-chair set brings a lot of convenient, it attracts the kids to have their meal altogether.


Canvas Hammock was in our list this time too!
See how the kids enjoyed themselves - shake it and lie on it - let the sun shine on you is the best time!
Beware! Do not use the normal string which come with the hammock, buy a protective string - wider one - to protect the trees. We're advised to use another type of string when the person--in-charge showed us the damage caused to the tree after we hanged the hammock on the trees.


Dish-washing bag is in our new list too. Just put all the used kitchen utensils into the blue washing bag and bring it to the dish washing basin. It is very convenient. Besides, the hanging kitchen utensil hanger is also bought for drying the things. :)


The highlight of this camping is:
electricity is usable.
You have to buy your own cable ring to link  to  the main supply, either on a tree, or near to the chalet. make sure you buy a long enough one.
Because of this, we bring electric rice cooker, electric insulator and electric water boiler to do all cooking, just like at home!

That's I think for this year camping gadgets.

Hope you will also have a chance to go camping! It is very interesting! (Have kids? - let's see some of the kids who enjoyed the camp so much)



tsueyhwa said...

I love the camping facilities provided in Korea. This show how koreans love camping. Thumbs up!!

meimeijoyful said...

ours are still lots to catch up with the other camping mania. When I browse their camping website... that's really interesting!

it's a new experience for me too!

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