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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Oct and Nov are also the months of taking graduation photos and having graduation dinner. The real graduation ceremony is held on February every year (some even in September too). The weather in Oct/Nov is the best for the whole year, also the autumn scenery is amazingly wonderful.

Koreans normally have their graduation photos taken formally. Girls have the full make up and some even have their hair set. The dress code is formal - so... this is the  time when you can see the most handsome and most beautiful moments of your seniors / classmates. :P

Anyway, we also just took our graduation photos informally with our classmates, fun and nice!

I not yet received the photos but I have some backstage photos here


My camera is not the offical camera (not qualified for sure), but I got some interesting moments only.

This was  our lunch main dish - 족발 jokbal - glazed pig's feet.
with vege, chili paste and garlic.


tsueyhwa said...

Haha..Tat's interesting to have pig's feet for lunch during the photo taking session. Hmm..garlic too..How do u get rid of d strong smell after eating garlic?? :p

meimeijoyful said...

haha... the garlic is not as strong as the chili paste smell!!! :P
unique korean taste of celebrating graduation

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