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Monday, November 2, 2009

Have a walk around the camping site

In the morning, the weather was so nice and the sun was bright. Some of us walked about 500-700m away from the camping site. We discovered the view is nice, plus some animals were seen too. After us, the kids and their parents also followed our track. :)

walking up to a small hill - to explores something new.

view from up to the camping site

beautiful tree branches

beautiful leaves

We saw this handsome horse - actually we didn't notice him at first, but he came out to see us (may be we made noise and woke him up)
Cow and dogs too.
Oh, right! There are some chickens up on the house of the hill too.


We found some wild apples.

and... fresh jujube!!!

When you have a chance to go out of Seoul and have a short trip, stay at a  homestay place and walk around that area - a lot of things to discover because there are the best places to know local culture and country side true identity. Fresh air, calm nature!


The Sanity Inspector said...

That looks like a fun trip, thanks!

tsueyhwa said...

Is the wild apple eatible?? How does it taste like?

meimeijoyful said...

It's a fun trip... have to wait next year again!

Tsueyhwa, the apples - we didn't dare to eat. :P

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