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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

VIPS restaurant mania !?

oh... another visit to VIPS family restaurant again. I think we're mania.

This time before chuseok (mid autumn festival) we visited with 6 other female Korean church family. They ate more than us! We learnt from them a lot how to eat more in buffet style restaurant. :P

We went to the branch near to Grand Children Park at Seoul. If you go at the lunch time, you're expected to wait at least 10-15 minutes. However, you're free to have a cup of cold juice and cookies or snacks. It really helps when you bring children along with you. Also there is computer which is free to use.

This branch has wider space and the interior design is nice too. See the love shape made by the wine?

This is the salad bar view... ok... not spain food but just a  Korean wore a no. 3 Spain soccer t-shirt.

Let's see what we had this time!

They change their menu again.
salad -  add on mushroom salad, soup add on ginseng chicken soup, and the rice noodle change back to soup style. Finally I tried the taco this time, yummy!

They serve 2 types of  pizza at this branch too.
Do not miss their ice-cream - both yoghurt and green tea ice-cream are available. Also, yoghurt!

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