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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok... this chocolate is not from Korea, for sure.
My Korean friend gave me this Toblerone Chocolate, made in Switzerland, last week - which I miss it so much! Erm... I can get it easily in Malaysia, but not here. Erm... I know, the Koreans will say to me, Chocolate is too sweet, don't eat too much, and it will only cause your teeth worse. Erm... I know that.

I think I will write about the chocolate in Korea in my blog later. There are quite a lot of choices!
Anyway, today is 11.11 - pepero day - a day of a chocolate stick. Koreans buy the chocolate or chocolate stick to give to one another. I got to eat it today as one of our classmates bought for the whole class.

This chocolate stick was started in 1983 - Lotte brand.
Almond flavor 1984, Strawberry and Fried - 1994, Cheese and Coffee - 1995, Peanut, Hazelnut, Bulgogi - 1996, Peanut cream - 1997,  Nude - 2000, Black - 2005, Cacao - 2006, Nut Lemon Cheese - 2007.

However, now available in the market now:
Choco Pepero - 700 won.
Almond Pepero - 1000 won.
Nude Pepero - 1000 won. 

Starting from 1994, from Busan, Middle and High School girls gave 1111 to one another as gift. The meaning is - to be tall, slim, and pretty 키 크고 날씨하게 예뻐지자'.
Anyway, this is a  special culture for the students - hope this will not be a must but just as a fun - because it will encourage them to buy chocolates more!

Anyway, happy pepero day!
Happy 5th anniversary  to our marriage too!


tsueyhwa said...

Gave 1111 to one another as gift = to be tall, slim, and pretty. If tis encourage ppl to buy more then he/she will not become slim anymore..haha!! Anyway, i heard that 11/11 is single day for those who r still single to celebrate it...:p For u, of coz to celebrate ur anniversary with ur hubby la!! 要幸福哟!

meimeijoyful said...

thank you!!!
yaya... give = no slim! haha!

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