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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Won the iRiver MP3 player

I started this blog only for Korean stuff, in order to join in the Blog Korea! Visit Korea competition. Thanks God that I've been chosen as the top 100 bloggers and though I only won the iRiver mp3 player - Mickey player. After roughly browed the winner list, I found out that the laptop winners are those who already in this blogsphere for so long and they have a strong base and supporters. No wonder! Thus, it is quite happy in one sense can win one little price, while in another sense, it is competitive and it is hard to compete with them.

Anyway, the main thing is all the bloggers are linked up in this website: Speak & Share Metablog.
Some of the topics are well written.

Let's  have  look at the mini Mickey MP3 player (Mplayer Eyes):

hehe... it's just the cover.
Where's the mickey?

here... standing up on our laptop.

Mplayer Eyes
44 w x 39.5 d x 30 h mm
Pink for girls, and sky blue for male winners (sky blue is cute)
9 hours usage
2GB storage

Though  it is cute, it has the disadvantage of file viewing.
However, iriver design is so good. I like this smile string-tier.
I like their headphone linkage - double security.

(from iriver homepage)
It uses LED to show the sign.

actually it looks quite scary at night :P

Turn here and there with the Mickey ears. :)

Thanks for the free gift. It was in my wish list before. I will write more about my life in Korea. I want to win the next year free trips!!! I missed the first trip because I had mid term examination at that time. I will graduate soon and I will be free to join the free trip. Yahoo! (Just a wish)


tsueyhwa said...

Congratulations, Mei Mei! I m so happy for u! Actually i like to read ur blog very much. Ur blogs r very attractive n lively. Thanks for ur sharing, let us know how is ur life in Korean n wat is Korea's lifestyle all about. I will keep visiting ur blog to support u!! 加油!!

meimeijoyful said...

Thanks for your support!
There is still a lot to improve. Anyway, I take it as a chance to update myself always.
Take care!

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