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Monday, November 2, 2009

Last camping this year

We went to the last camping of this year - in Oct 10th. The weather was so good - not yet in winter, but the temperature went down very fast at night and at dawn time. We wore winter clothes instead.

We went to the same camping area in Sep.


We settled down our camp nearer to the 2nd entrance and nearer to a chalet and a dish-washing place.


Autumn is the best season for camping, still a lot of Koreans came here to enjoy the calm and beautiful season in October.

There is a mongolia camp here.

A convenient-store here. The most important thing is sold here: the wood to burn for heat. We need to make ourselves warm and the owner sells the wood and you can burn it in your own camp. Normally it is sold in  the early morning and late afternoon. I  didn't manage to take the photos.

Other than the tent you can set up here, chalet is also available to stay in. For kids, the rooms are the best place to keep warm and keep away  from flu attack. The heating system is built in in the floor inside the building. Just the price is little bit more expensive than the tent.
One tent is 30,000won. The room is about above 50,000 won, depend on the size of room.

Another option  for those who don't own a tent, they went to the nearby motel to stay overnight. 30,000 won per night. It is warm and comfortable too. :)

Water is out of reach this time - it is too cold to get near it. But we have beautiful autumn leaves joined up. It's still early but thanks God still there was some to snap in my camera.

SNV36762 beautiful red

stands for passionate red in the middle of green

Found this bright yellow crysanthemum flowers too. :)

Still the main subject of this camping is the tall tall tree - look up - how can we reach the top?



tsueyhwa said...

Mei Mei, y Koreans like camping so much? Read from ur blogs, u hav gone for many campings n sometimes even go to d same place again. Was it very cold when u sleep inside d tent at nite in autumn? By d way, autumn is really a beautiful season!!

meimeijoyful said...

There are camping cars too!!!

if we find the place is nice and convenient to have camping, we will go back again.

Oh, right! I forgot to write - it's very very cold!!!
we brought the electric mat. Or else we can't stand the freezing cold night!

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