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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Children Grand Park - new areas

Every year the Children Grand Park of Seoul (Subway line 7 exit 1 to main entrance, line 5 Achasan station exit 4 to back entrance) will have new renovation and improve their facilities for the benefit of the visitors.

This time the bird park has new changes after the bird flu. There are not many birds as last time but the benefit is we can enter the bird park and touch the little yellow birds - parrot village 앵무마을. It opens from 10am to 5pm, 1st April to 31st Oct annually. You are freely to touch the birds if they fly over to you. You can buy the food in the food machine for 500 won.

parrots' mini houses

SNV36864 they're so beautiful and cute!

the best moment for parents and children!

When I visited the park last Monday, I accidentally met the family from my hometown. They come to Korea every year to visit the parents. I miss the Malay words they speak. :)

Another area I would like to introduce to you is the Korean folk tales' village. The popular stories are shown here with the characters made and shown here.

mini water fountain decorated with traditional pots

famous story - fairy lady with wood cutter

a sample of traditional house - traditional kimchi pots and a cow.

Also, you can touch the real traditional soil-made wall. My friend who is pregnant is my best model.

There is also a new football field, and this park is a very good place for jogging and walking.


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i think the developed country has the advantage of this.

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