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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Delivery service

Korea has a famous thing that everybody should know - delivery service - efficiency and effectiveness! Fast and good service! It applies to almost everything!

Internet service - shopping mall for clothes, daily necessities and even food. Even you no need to walk in to the mart to choose the things you want, but choose online and on the day you order (morning), you can get it in the afternoon/evening.

What I want to say here - is home food delivery service - almost apply to every food too! From pizza, chicken, Korean main dish like pork leg, noodle, even cold noodle and etc. 15-30 minutes they will reach your home. Cash is needed while some can offer card payment.
Tips: If you order from chinese restaurant, there is a plastic bag given to you too - after finishing your meal, put in the plates in the plastic bag, put it outside your house so that they can take it back later.

We order chicken once in a while.
Today we chose a shop which sells chicken cheap - 2 + 500ml cola + coupon = 19,000 won. However, it was not very delicious.

It's 촌닭치킨 shop. The special is that it has rice cake mixed with the chicken. Not bad. Anyway, I don't think I will order from them again. :P

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