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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Green Lotte - free shopping bag

If you have a chance to visit Lotte Departmental Store KonKuk Uni Star City branch this week, go to 10th floor - customer service department and show your Lotte Membership card. Then you can get a free Green Lotte free shopping bag free. This shopping bag can save you 50 won every time you go for shopping.

Korea is a country which has strong movement in recycling. They have garbage differentiation for  the whole country - all people - housing areas and industrial areas.  They promote green environment.

Shopping bags are the thing you must bring to shopping in big mart. Every plastic bag will cost you 50 won. To save this 50 won, either bring your own shopping  bag - which you save you another 50 won each shopping bag you bring - or use the boxes available outside the cashier counter. There is always an area for box packaging. There are free boxes, scissors, tapes, strings and wrap papers available in that zone. Use it wise for your shopping. This will not only save your money, but also save the earth.

Anyway, this is  not the first time we got free shopping bag. Last time we got one from E-mart  too. The big marts always give out free shopping bag (even bigger one) if you are the members or credit card members of that mart. Just notice their promotions when  you visit the marts,

don't just shopping for the things  you want to buy, but also shop for something is
benefit for you - get  free stuff  which they want to serve their customers.

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